Why choose us?

Our finishing process ensures that imperfections are removed so that the aesthetics of your product are up to your standards before completion.

By handling your entire project from start to finish, we free you from complicated logistics and the inherent breakdowns in the supply chain. We create a complete project timeline with shorter lead times and reduced costs. We do our work here on-site, so you never have to worry about where your project is or what is happening with it.


Deburring is the process of smoothing the rough edges of your project. Whenever a piece of metal is cut or drilled, it creates a number of small, sharp burrs that can snag things that come in contact with it. To eliminate this defect, we shave off any remaining burrs, leaving a clean and smooth product.



Surface Finishing

We offer a variety of surface finishes that include: Inline Sanding, Graining, Orbital Sanding, and Alodining.


Abrasive Blasting

With abrasive blasting, high-pressure compressed air is used to project a medium onto the surface of the part to perform the desired cleaning, polishing, or finishing action. The amount of pressure can also be adjusted to accommodate the specific cleaning or finishing requirements.



The final step before your project goes into delivery prep is assembly. Completely assembling a project before shipping it ensures that everything is exactly how it should be and allows for your project to be ready for application right off the truck.


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