Why choose us?

By definition, custom fabrication means your project calls for exceptional expertise and attention to detail.

While welding is one of the most important elements of sheet metal fabrication, it’s not the only thing that matters. Our fabricators take pride in their work and build every project with great attention to detail. They’re not just good welders, they’re experienced builders.

Job Review

The first thing our fabricators do when receiving a project is a review of the job shop packet. At this stage, the job review ensures that the fabricator understands everything that needs to take place during the project. All prints and customer or drafting specifications are carefully reviewed before beginning.


Cut & Notch

After our fabricators complete a full job review, they begin the fabrication process by making any necessary saw cuts or notching. The type of saw used for cutting depends on factors such as the material and desired shape of the workpiece, as well as the speed of the cutting process. We also use a corner notcher to do most of our notchings.


Fit & Tack

After your project has been positioned as required (usually done by clamping it on suitable fixtures) we use tack welds as a temporary means to hold the components in the proper location, alignment, and distance apart, until final welding can be completed.


Weld Out

The final step in the fabrication phase is the actual welding of the project. Our fabricators are capable of testing and certifying to any welding procedures you may have before being assigned to your project. When needed, weld testing will be performed under the direction of an outside Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). We also offer, as part of our inspection procedure, an actual inspection performed by our outside Certified Welding Inspector with required documentation of inspection and results. When requested, we can also provide you with detailed Weld Mapping on your project.


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