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Commitment to Quality

Leading Edge Manufacturing prides itself on continually investing in our equipment, technology, and people to enhance supply chains in the oil and gas industry. While working towards ISO certification, we are, and always have been dedicated to continuous improvement. Leading Edge Manufacturing offers peace of mind that your parts adhere to high-quality standards.

Commitment to Service

Leading Edge Manufacturing goes above and beyond by working with our clients to ensure tight schedules are met. Depending on our project backlog and materials needed, lead times will vary. Rest assured, we will partner with you to create a mutual timeline for success.

Commitment to Integrity

With an extensive array of metal fabrication experience and services offered, Leading Edge Manufacturing is the end-to-end manufacturing solution for the oil and gas industry.

What We Build

Some of our previous work includes, but is not limited to the following:


Crane Cabs


Driller's Cabins


Custom Enclosures





Our Process

End-to-End Manufacturing

Design & Drafting

Our design team will review and create your project with various CAD/CAM tools to produce an efficient and precise product.

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We manufacture your parts in house to ensure that high-quality standards are met for every product.

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Our fabricators take pride in their work and built your project with attention to detail. They’re not just great welders, they’re experienced builders.

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During our finishing process, the final cleanup and assembly of your project is completed so that your product meets our high-quality standard.

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Our in-house powder coating process is designed to deliver superior results every time. We have a solution for you regardless of your part.

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We are committed to maintaining a quality system that allows us to deliver your products on time and with excellence.

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