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Steve Himel, owner of Leading Edge Mfg is proud to announce that Stephanie Clotiaux will succeed him as CEO of the company leading the way as the second generation of leadership in our 27-year history.

While maintaining ownership, Steve has transitioned to the daily role of New Business Development and is excited about the direction that Stephanie has envisioned for the future of Leading Edge.
“I have chosen Stephanie Clotiaux to take over as CEO of Leading Edge. She has been working for years in different facets of this organization, gaining the valuable experience needed to take Leading Edge into new opportunities. I look forward to what the coming years will bring for Leading Edge under her leadership.”
Under her leadership as COO, Stephanie directed daily operations and has implemented new systems of efficiency, created growth within the company, and is currently guiding the company towards ISO:9001 certification.
“I am so excited to take on the responsibility of taking Leading Edge forward into new growth while continuing to uphold the reputation and relationships that we have built over the last 27 years. Our focus is still on providing uncompromised quality, service, and integrity to all of the clients we serve.”