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When it comes to material usage, a lot of companies charge you for the use of a full sheet of material, whether your project uses a whole sheet or not. We believe that the customer should only have to pay for what the customer’s job requires.


Before our design team sends a project out into production, one of the last things they do is create an efficient nest for the parts department. The nesting process involves laying out the flat layouts and cutting patterns on the sheet material desired in order to minimize waste.


All of our material goes through our material traceability procedure. As soon as it comes through our door, it is identified, inspected, tagged, and documented in our material database. This means that at any time, we can provide material traceability on the material used for your project, even if it was not specified as a need at the beginning of a project.

When a piece of the drop is deemed large enough and usable, our team logs the leftover drop in our material database, which can then be seen and utilized by our design and drafting team for other projects.


We believe it is our responsibility to use our drop material for other projects whenever possible and that you, the client, should never have to pay for what we don’t use.This in turn helps keep your overall cost down, and gives us another reason to be your supplier of choice.


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