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When choosing the material for offshore module accessories there are a lot of considerations to be made.

Our client’s top concerns on the matter are generally:
How much does it weigh?
How will it hold up under harsh saltwater conditions?
How much does it cost?

There are several advantages of working with aluminum in offshore module projects. Not only is it lightweight and strong, but it also has increased corrosion resistance and is flexible to work with.


Aluminum is a great choice for offshore modules because it is 60% lighter than steel. This provides advantages in the loading and unloading of the modules on and off-site. It also helps modules to meet safety and platform limitations.


A major advantage of aluminum is that it does not necessarily need to be powder coated. Bare aluminum forms an aluminum oxide coating on its surface that creates a barrier and prevents the metal from corroding. This results in huge cost savings. However, many of our clients choose to have their accessories Powder Coated for an added layer of surface protection and to enhance the aesthetic of the modules.


While the cost of raw materials is always fluctuating, generally steel runs cheaper than aluminum. However, because steel MUST be coated to ensure it doesn’t corrode, the cost of coating the steel ends up being more expensive than something that is constructed out of aluminum. Painted steel for offshore modules also tends to not hold up as well. Our client’s sometimes start out by purchasing cheaper steel painted accessories from other vendors and end up coming to us in the end, because the painted steel option just doesn’t hold up. This, in turn, can cost the client thousands since they then have to either continually get the steel repainted, or spend money replacing the steel accessories with aluminum.

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After 6 months of use in a saltwater environment our clients have seen issues with the paint jobs on their bunks and lockers from other vendors when they are manufactured from steel. However, if you have rusting steel accessories, we do also offer blasting and powder coating for accessories that you aren’t ready to completely replace.

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