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Benefits Of Powder Coating


Unfinished metal has some drawbacks. Remaining unfinished can cause the exposed metal to corrode and become tarnished which can ultimately weaken or ruin your component. Fabricators learned long ago that it is essential to a product’s durability to be finished properly. They also learned that finishing a metal component resulted in a far better-looking end product. For quite a long time, liquid paint was the main choice for finishing most metal products. But regular paints had their drawbacks too. Conventional liquid painting took time, required proper conditions and performed poorly unless professionally applied. Experienced fabricators knew there had to be a better finishing alternative to liquid painting, thus bringing about the development of powder coating. This high technology finish has every advantage over other available finishes. Powder coating makes finished surfaces resistant to scratching, wearing, fading and chipping. Powder-coated metal products won’t corrode or rust. They keep a like-new appearance throughout their normal life cycle. All benefits of powder coating for stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum materials deliver value for the consumer. Powder coating makes products virtually maintenance-free under normal use. There’s no need for occasional repainting. Powder-coated surfaces are simply washed with regular detergent and water.


Powder coating has considerable advantages over other finishing techniques. Comparing powder coating to wet painting or plating, there is no match for the many advantages manufacturers and consumers have when using a powder-coated finish.
  • Environmentally Friendly: There are no harsh chemicals used in the powder coating process, unlike wet painting and hot plating. Both oil and waterborne paints use harsh chemicals in their solvent bases and pigment additives. With powder coating, there is only dry powder involved and it goes right from the spray gun to the metal surface.
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds: Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, can be harmful to the environment, harsh to humans and are frowned on by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are no VOCs in any dry powders.
  • Cost Savings: Because powder coating uses less equipment, takes less application time and consumes fewer raw materials, it’s a less expensive process than alternatives like plating and conventional painting. Labor cost to powder coat is also lower due to the simple two-step system used in powder coating.
  • Less Waste: There is almost no waste in powder coating. Spray painting has considerable overspray that wastes paint materials. Brush and roll coatings also have a lot of waste material left in trays and containers. Virtually all expelled dry powder contacts raw metal in powder coating and it stays there.
  • Safety: Powder coating is an entirely safe process. There are no flammable solvents as in regular wet painting. As well, powder coating materials are not caustic and won’t affect skin if accidentally contacted.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Since powder coating uses dry materials applied with compressed air to electrically charged metal, there is little equipment used in the process. That means less equipment to maintain, and that’s a considerable advantage for powder coating businesses. It also means less time and trouble which converts to customer savings.
  • Superior Products: Powder coating is a hands-down winner when it comes to finishing fabricated metal products. It’s a cleaner, smoother and superior process than other finishing methods. Powder coating is environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-effective finishing. It’s no surprise that powder coating has such a superior advantage in the metal finishing industry.


Leading Edge offers a variety of metal finishing options, including powder coating. While we have a variety of stock colors available, we can also have custom colors made to your specifications. Federal standard color matching is also available.

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