“I first approached Leading Edge several years back when I had a brand new business. I had designed a panel for Law Enforcement and Military organizational use and had just brought it to market. I had been turned down by other stamping and machining shops in my region as they did not want to do small batch work. After working with a water jet cutter and running into flaws with that process and my HDPE plastic sheeting material, I reached out to Leading Edge on the recommendation of my water jet cutter. Steve and Grady graciously took a meeting with me were willing to take on the small batches I was running. They have treated me as a valued customer as I grew my business, and now we run thousands of pieces per year versus the few hundred per year when I first came to them. All along the way they have been happy to make changes to designs as needed, suggest improvements, and maintain impeccable QA/QC. With their recent expansion to offering in house powder coating I now have even more options with manufacturing my products. I highly recommend Leading Edge for your custom fabrication needs.”

Paul C. – CEO