Custom Aluminum, Stainless & Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication


CAD/CAM Design & drafting


Why choose us?

Our goal is to help our clients in minimizing design errors, illustrating design intent clearly, and moving into fabrication sooner. We do this through our expertise and experience in design support through our various CAD/CAM tools.

All of our designers are highly experienced in sheet metal fabrication. When you hire us to do your design and drafting, our staff doesn’t just draw up your product with no knowledge of how it will be built. Our designers run themselves through the entire fabrication process to try and identify any design or function issues that may surface. If any issues arise at this point, our team will sit down and consult you on what we think is the best solution before the project ever hits the production floor.


Experienced Fabrication Designers


Project Design Consultation


3D Modeling & 2D Drawing



At the beginning of every project, our design team conducts an in-depth review of all information, prints, codes, tolerances, and specifications provided. If any further details are needed, we address them at this time. Our goal in this phase is to address any potential interruptions to your delivery schedule. The design team will also request any of the following files you have available to help save design and processing time.

Autodesk- .ipt, Autocad -.dwg, IGES – .igs.



After conducting a Project Review, our design team begins the actual drawing and modeling of your project. We use AutoCAD, Geomagic, and Merry Mechanization to do our CAD/CAM design. From small parts to large assemblies, we have the fabrication experience needed to support efficient manufacturing.



Once all drawing and modeling are complete, our design team creates efficient nests of your project. This involves laying out the flat layouts and cutting patterns on the sheet material desired in order to minimize waste.



Before releasing your project into production, our design team creates a detailed shop package that will be used in the manufacturing process. These packages include all 3D Models and Flat Layouts, Formed Views, Bill of Materials, Machine Setup Sheets, Specified Tolerances, and Welding Details. Once this phase is completed, our design team provides the necessary support required to ensure a smooth transition into the production phase.